Team Time OutThe Art of Getting Projects Unstuck: Aramark—the catering partner for Maryland’s renowned baseball team, The Baltimore Orioles—wanted to attract the “Corporate Party” niche, while focusing on the ease and affordability of corporate pre-game parties at Oriole Park@ Camden Yards. Problem was that the Orioles and Aramark had different agendas. This project got stuck somewhere between listening and judging. There was no lack of creativity on either side. Unfortunately, the different agendas had the marketing team at a stalemate.

The Art of Getting Project Teams Working Together: Having worked with Aramark on other projects, Souza stepped in. We helped the team come together by creating and branding a party experience at Oriole Park at Camden Yards called Team Time Out. The promotion’s strong call-to-action invited the corporate world to bring “their team” to party with the Orioles team before each game.  A party package was created, through an aggressive branding campaign that included brand positioning, logo design, advertising, direct mail, party invitations, payroll stuffers, lunch room posters, and market database development.  We successfully promoted the team while generating new revenue for the catering operation.

The Art of Getting Success: In its very first promotional year, sales of party packages sky-rocketed! Robert P. Gallion, Director of Concessions Operations for the Baltimore Orioles reported: “With your help, we have been able to find and serve over 45,000 customers in 9 months of baseball. Direct and indirect revenues generated by this promotion may well have reached over 1.1 million.”