pg-logo-colorThe Art of Getting Projects Unstuck: Prince George’s County was looking to increase tourism spending while promoting the County’s Livable Communities Initiative, a plan to strengthen families and their pride in Prince George’s County. They were looking for a marketing initiatives that would increase positive perception and drive traffic to the County’s website. 

The Art of Getting Project Teams Working Together: A concept for a Family Reunion initiative was born of the County’s strong cultural and historical ties to the idea of family, military, school, and church reunions. The campaign included marketing, brand building, a website, print advertising, public relations, direct mail, and radio advertising.

The Art of Getting Success:  The initiative eventually evolved into a much larger effort, and Prince George’s County is now branded as “Reunion Capital USA.” Since its establishment, Prince George’s County, Maryland together with its partners, have hosted thousands of reunions in the County which has increased spending, tax revenues, and ultimately the quality of life for its residents, businesses, and guests.