Amorim LogoThe Art of Getting Projects Unstuck: Amorim Revestimentos—the environmentally conscious world leader in the cork industry for over 130 years—needed to establish their Wicanders’ brand of Cork Oak Floors in the United States, while carving an eco-friendly leadership role in the North American green building industry. Unfortunately, the building industry was basically unaware of this wonderful product. In fact, most people had no idea what cork was or where it comes from. To make matters worse, the language Amorim used to promote their product in Europe wasn’t working in the USA.

The Art of Getting Project Teams Working Together:  We needed to get these world-apart teams in the cork industry (Portugal & the USA) speaking to each other and working together instead of pointing fingers. 

wicanders logoA fully-integrated brand strategy for Wicanders began with primary and secondary market research which provided a detailed road map for brand positioning, strategic marketing initiatives, advertising, public relations activities, social media and word-of-mouth marketing, custom publishing, point of sale merchandising, and trade and event marketing. Creating for them the positioning statement “Born of Nature. Fashioned For Living.” we helped Wicanders launch a brand new paradigm.

The Art of Getting Success: By adopting a brand new paradigm, carving their own ground, telling their unique and emotional story both in print and online to their residential and commercial markets, Wicanders’ brand recognition has driven a substantial increase in cork oak flooring sales since January of 2006.