chesapeake beach logoThe Art of Getting Projects Unstuck: Composed of a number of family owned and operated businesses (a hotel, two restaurants, a marina, a sport-fishing operation, and a catering business) this small resort had a big vision. Family members were absorbed with their own piece of the puzzle. Getting everyone on the same page, and working together, is where we came in.

The Art of Getting Project Teams Working Together: Emotions were running high. Conversations were getting stuck. Once Souza stepped in, we were able to get this project team working together to build the brand. The gears started moving and great things began to happen.

The Art of Getting Success: This resort is now well known in the Mid-Atlantic region. No longer operating as separate and competing businesses, the resort’s vision is being realized. It’s a welcome escape for anglers, boaters, romantics, water sport enthusiasts, groups, and more—all enjoying the Chesapeake Bay, the beach, and it’s unique amenities.