Société-GénéraleThe Art of Getting Projects Unstuck: Trying to sell mortgages for mega yachts in the USA while a recession is underway isn’t much fun, yet Société-Générale  (a French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris) found itself in this uncomfortable situation with two of its USA affiliates. The marine/yachting industry was taking a beating. That’s when they reached out to us to help.

The Art of Getting Project Teams Working Together: Emotions were running high. Conversations were getting stuck. Once Souza stepped in, we were able to get this project team working together to build the brands and related business units in the face of a recession. 

The Art of Getting Success: It was a tough road for the yachting industry but with some strategic initiatives, artful creative, and a will to win, Société-Générale and its affiliates in the USA came out with a stronger brand which has stood the test of time.