If you are looking for an agency with that can get your brand on the right track, try us.  For 33 years, we have served clients large and small…start-ups, family businesses, corporate giants, international and worldwide organizations, and non-profits struggling with identity and funding. Our business homes, first in Columbia, Maryland and now in Annapolis, Maryland have been the places where brand dreams are realized.

Our marketing solutions encompass strategic, creative, and design for brand development and brand integration between Web-based and traditional media. We are passionate about making a difference in your marketing performance, and have established a reputation for thoughtful, intuitive, imaginative, and compelling marketing solutions.

Our wide experience—combined with our sensitivity to culture—help crystallize and clarify your message and delivery, resulting in excellent marketing performance.

Our Clients Keep Asking for...

Getting Projects Unstuck 100%
Getting Teams Working Together Again 100%
Projects On Time and On Budget 100%
Innovative & Artful Solutions 100%
Media Rates that Beat the Competition 100%
Responsive Websites 100%

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Brand Projects Getting Unstuck

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Getting Project Teams Working Together

The Art of Getting Projects Unstuck. It can be hard to get owners, managers, and all your key people on the same page so your brand can grow and thrive. We can help.souzafavicon

Meet Our Leadership

Anthony Souza…Anthony founded The Souza Agency in 1982 and provides the vision, strategic direction…

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Roseanne Souza…Roseanne brings 33+ years of experience in…

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