anthony souzaBusiness TalksThe Art of Strategic Spirit Solutions: Brands—just about everything is a BRAND! People are brands. Businesses are brands. Events are brands. Holidays are brands. Thoughts become brands. Some brands develop, grow, flourish, work together, sync, expand, and challenge the world around them daily.  Some brands start, stand, sit, and rest. Some brands just get stuck! 

The Art of Getting Teams Working Together: Having worked with all kinds of different brands for more than 34 years, Souza has stepped in and helped brands out of situations that keep them from growing and flourishing. We help teams come together by creating SPIRITED solutions that are like taking the ball down the field and putting up points to not only win the game but WIN BIG! Call-to-action is created through an aggressive and spirited solution that takes your brand to the next level and saves time, effort, money, and worry. 

The Art of Getting Spirited Success for Your Brand: We are blessed to have clients who not only achieve their brand goals but take the time to remark:

  • baltimore orioles logoWith your help, we have been able to find and serve over 45,000 customers in 9 months of baseball. Direct and indirect revenues generated by this promotion may well have reached over 1.1 million. So it is every bit appropriate to say, “Thanks a million”.
    — Robert P. Gallion, Director of Concessions Operations, Baltimore Orioles, Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

  • IRFA logoThanks to the insight and expertise of  The Souza Agency, our communications and marketing…were converted, came to exemplify and breathe what IRFA exists to be and accomplish.
    — Stanley Carlson-Thies, Founder & President, Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

  • You Center for Public Justice logoprobed to the unseen inner core of our identity. You have worked with us as friends and colleagues, grasping the fact that we are trying to serve the public in a unique way, and that meant you entered into the spirit of our service so you could serve us. Our experience of your service to us has been that of having a real promoter, champion, advocate, and enthusiast walk with us.
    — James W. Skillen, President, The Center for Public Justice

  • chesapeake consultingI was impressed with how  you mapped out a strategy beforehand with specific objectives…What was more impressive is that everything you said would happen did. I would highly recommend your firm.
    — John Covington, President, Chesapeake Consulting, Inc.

  • kkahlogo-300x131The Souza Agency’s professionalism, eye for detail, and sincere desire to achieve the best possible results for its clients has made the entire process for us an enjoyable and stress-free experience.
    — Leonard A. Blackshear, President, The Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation

  • jp2 logo…Most of all, thanks for your constant vigorous and courageous defense of those truths and values that stand at the heart of the Gospel and human civilization.
    Dr. David Schindler, Dean Emeritus, Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage & Family