Brands Behind the Charities

 A Heart for Mission We’re founded on mission. From rescuing bullied kids on the school playground to saving lives on the high-seas, our agencies’ founding principles speak to a higher cause. We help non-profit institutions, charitable organizations, foundations, and businesses using our strategic spirit solutions God-given gifts to build and position their brands for growth. A Mind […]

Social Media 301: A Compass to Set Your Course By

Ask any competent sailor whether he or she would rather be caught offshore in a 30-knot wind or in becalmed seas, and, if the vessel is seaworthy you know the response will be a resounding, “Wind! Give me a strong wind any day!” A sailboat is built for sailing, and whether she’s a 16-foot day […]

The Vapor Effect

va-por. noun. Moisture or another substance diffused or suspended in air, e.g., mist or smoke.  [The Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide. New York, Oxford University Press. 1999.] The Vapor Effect There are experiences in our lives that leave an indelible mark. Revisiting them provokes strong sensations of haunting images or sounds, and equally strong […]

Freedom is not Free

If you're an American you believe in religious freedom.  We're going to assume that's not a debatable subject for the majority of Americans. What is open for discussion, however, is how the religious freedom of institutions and other parachurch ministries is protected in the public square.  Here at The Souza Agency, we have clients and [...]