Brands Behind the Charities

 A Heart for Mission We’re founded on mission. From rescuing bullied kids on the school playground to saving lives on the high-seas, our agencies’ founding principles speak to a higher cause. We help non-profit institutions, charitable organizations, foundations, and businesses using our strategic spirit solutions God-given gifts to build and position their brands for growth. A Mind […]

Social Media 301: A Compass to Set Your Course By

Ask any competent sailor whether he or she would rather be caught offshore in a 30-knot wind or in becalmed seas, and, if the vessel is seaworthy you know the response will be a resounding, “Wind! Give me a strong wind any day!” A sailboat is built for sailing, and whether she’s a 16-foot day […]

The Vapor Effect

va-por. noun. Moisture or another substance diffused or suspended in air, e.g., mist or smoke.  [The Oxford American Dictionary and Language Guide. New York, Oxford University Press. 1999.] The Vapor Effect There are experiences in our lives that leave an indelible mark. Revisiting them provokes strong sensations of haunting images or sounds, and equally strong […]