Anthony Souza

AnthonySouzaAnthony founded The Souza Agency in 1982 and provides the vision, strategic direction, and leadership that drive Souza’s development and success.

Driven by his heritage, Anthony looked to the sea a young man, proudly serving six years of active duty after graduating from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Saving lives and property at sea, and now working to save employers, employees, and the business brands they represent,  Anthony possesses the Strategic Spirit that brings brands back to life.

Today, with an advanced degree cum laude from a Catholic University affiliate and over 34 years of professional business experience and wisdom, Anthony continues to chart a bold course for Souza and for all of our clients.

His passion for excellence and innovation shape the Souza brand, and his ability to identify and solve core marketing challenges—to get to the “heart of the matter”—have won respect and praise from many loyal clients.

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