housley exterior frontSouza Business Homes is a company in Annapolis, MD. We help guide small businesses renovate existing properties and help them avoid the common mistakes that busy small business owners make after purchasing property.

Souza Business Homes has a proven track record specifically in renovating properties, especially in Anne Arundel County. Because of this experience, we understand the County rules, codes, and costs required to create quality offices businesses can occupy in up and coming locations such as around the Annapolis Mall,  Anne Arundel Medical Center, and the West Street Revitalization Zone which are in the thriving area code of 21401!

A distinct advantage of working in this area of of state of Maryland is because of the Building Rehabilitation Code Program that encourages private investment in existing buildings and communities.

Do you own a building that needs renovation so that your business can occupy and move into?  If so, don’t hesitate to find out how Souza Business Homes can help you create a wonderful home for your business!