The Story of The Whistler TreeThe Story of the Whistler Tree is a Souza Family Book written by Nathan Lee Adamus, illustrated by Mary Sgarlata Adamus, created in concept by Anthony R. Souza, and designed by Roseanne S. Souza.  A family working together to produce great results!

Learn about Whistler, the world’s oldest (230+ years old) Cork Oak Tree in Portugal and his God-given gifts. His special purpose in life. Giving to others what God has given to him by sharing and caring. Creating value that is shared and blessed. That is what 230+ years in the Montado Forest in Portugal means to Whistler, his forest friends, and a very special child.

This touching story begins when a tiny seed falls to the ground. Find out how the Montado Forest wildlife animals and a special little child begin their life’s amazing journey with Whistler.

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Author, Nathan Lee Adamus, is a poet, a writer, and a musician with over 20 years of creative writing experience. He is also an accomplished editor. From an early age, Nathan fell in love with the English language, especially poetry. He holds a BA in English from Nazareth College of Rochester, NY, his fascination with other cultures and spiritual beliefs prompted him to also earn a minor in Religious Studies. At Nazareth, he became a member of the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta. Nathan’s love of artistic expression and his extensive knowledge of song structure translates into a melodic writing style that captivates readers both rhythmically and emotionally with inspirational messages that resonate with both children and adults.

Mary Sgarlata Adamus is the artist in the family. She drew the illustrations that brings the The Story of The Whistler Tree alive. Mary is Nathan’s mother, Roseanne’s sister, and Anthony’s sister-in-law. Mary lives and works in upstate New York. Originally earning a degree in nursing, Mary studied painting at the State University of New York College in Fredonia, NY and it sparked a life-long interest in art. She went on to earn a Bachelor in Art from Fredonia and a Master of Science in Education/ Visual Arts from Elmira College, Elmira, NY.  Mary depicts people and quiet scenes from nature in her paintings and drawings.  Mary received the 2015 Elmira Regional Art Society (ERAS) Palette Awards People’s Choice Award. She exhibits her work locally through the ERAS, Community Arts of Elmira, and The Arts Council of the Southern Finger Lakes.

Concept creatorAnthony R. Souza, is the Founder, President & CEO of The Souza Agency, Inc., which he started in 1982. He conceived of The Story of The Whistler Tree as the chief Strategic Director of the Agency. He provides the vision, strategic direction, and leadership that has driven the company’s development and success. Beginning with saving lives and property at sea in the U.S. Coast Guard and continuing throughout his professional and personal life, Anthony has been committed to helping others as they use their God-given gifts and talents to achieve a greater purpose. Driven by his heritage, Anthony looked to the sea a young man, proudly serving six years of active duty after graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. He also graduated cum laude with a Master of Theological Studies on Marriage and Family from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute at the Catholic University of America.

Roseanne S. Souza, with the help of Nathan, designed The Story of the Whistler Tree. Roseanne is the Managing Director at The Souza Agency. She has worked closely with clients of many nationalities, business models, goals and objectives to help them achieve lasting brand impressions that grow and thrive. Creating, designing, and delivering award-winning results in advertising and branding is her specialty. She was honored as the Tourism Person of the Year by the Maryland Tourism Council. A magna cum laude graduate from Immaculata College of Washington DC, her resourcefulness, insight, and focus move Souza to deliver an expanding array of communications services. Roseanne also serves as the Executive Director of the Maryland Tourism Education Foundation, Inc. Founded in 2003, it awards higher education scholarships to tourism and hospitality professionals working in the tourism industry.

Souza Family Books is dedicated to educating and inspiring their family, friends, community, and nation to work together tirelessly using their God-given gifts and special purpose in life to share and care for others. Creating lasting value that is shared and blessed from above.

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The Story of The Whistler Tree is dedicated in thanksgiving to all of the organizations around the world committed to assisting their employees with finding their purpose in life and further empowering them to inspire children and young adults to never give up on their dreams. Souza Family Books would also like to thank all the organizations that take pride in their corporate social responsibility to create shared value, uphold the preservation of nature, and enhance the lives of ALL individuals in the societies and communities that they serve.

These worldwide organizations both highlighted and promoted in Whistler are very, very special, and we thank them for all their wonderful work.