The Story of The Whistler Tree

The Story of The Whistler Tree


TheStoryofTheWhistlerTree1The Story of The Whistler Tree is the first ever children’s book written about the world’s oldest living (230+ years old) Cork Oak Tree in Portugal. This touching story of Whistler begins when a tiny seed falls to the ground and wanders away from his parents. As the infant seed begins to sprout, Whistler learns to adjust to his new surroundings with the aid of the forest animals that become his new friends. But it’s a chance meeting with a little child that inspires him to embark on a more profound journey to discover his unique gifts and special purpose in life.

The Story of The Whistler Tree is
 written and composed by Nathan Lee Adamus, illustrated by Mary Sgarlata Adamus, created in concept by Anthony R. Souza, and designed by Roseanne Souza.  A family working together to share their gifts and blessings. 

International Book AwardAnd wonderfully, Whistler is a finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards in two categories: Children’s Mind/Body/Spirit and Children’s Novelty & Gift. 

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The Story of The Whistler Tree

The Story of The Whistler Tree is dedicated in thanksgiving to all the organizations around the world committed to assisting their employees with finding their purpose in life and further empowering them to inspire children and young adults to never give up on their dreams.

Souza Family Books would also like to thank all the organizations that take pride in their corporate social responsibility to create shared value, uphold the preservation of nature, and enhance the lives of ALL individuals in the societies and communities that they serve.

Now it’s our turn to promote social responsibility to the most important people in the world: OUR CHILDREN!

This pleasant folksy fantasy set amidst a magical tree and panoply of natures most lovable creatures is an ideal family conversation piece in creating an early childhood sense of individualism and self worth. Whistler is the perfect first start to a much anticipated series of Souza Family Books.
Dr. Ernest P. Boger, Chairman
Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management
University of Maryland Eastern Shore


A sweet, rhythmic book with a timeless message about the purpose of all living things.
Kids and adults alike can find inspiration in this story about Whistler.
— Amy Rohrer, President & CEO

Maryland Hotel Lodging Association

I read the story of the Whistler Tree out loud to myself. I didn’t mean to do that – didn’t think I had time to do that – but like Whistler the talking tree and his many charming friends – it just magically happened that way.
— Deb Carter, President & Owner
Buttonwood Beach RV Resort

Whistler makes great family gifts and family holiday gifts!
Celebrate your family at reunions, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and religious holidays
by sharing Whistler’s story.  Whistler discovered his unique purpose in life sharing his
God-given gifts and blessings with a special child and family.
Inspire children and young adults to never give up on their dreams.


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Perfect Bound 52 Page Storybook which is a great bedtime children's story that parents and grandparents will love!