Infinity LogoThe Art of Getting Projects Unstuck: For years, the Co-Producers of Infinity Theatre Company struggled with an outdated website. It was so difficult to update that the stress levels were climbing daily. With all of the theatrical success surrounding them, both in New York City and Maryland, they simply couldn’t deal with it any longer. Not only that, the website didn’t reflect their creativity or the power and prestige of their productions.

The Art of Getting Project Teams Working Together: Everyone on the project team knew what they wanted, but all had slightly different ideas on how to implement, questions about content management systems, questions about creativity, imagery, responsiveness, speed and, most importantly, ease of maintenance and the ability to look new and fresh with a simple update. So, Souza went to work. Getting everyone to buy into a shared vision took a lot of listening, searching, answering, and communicating…often several times a day.

The Art of Getting Success: Infinity’s new, responsive website now reflects the beauty, creativity, and theatrical prowess and passions of the Founders and Co-Producers. The site floods you with imagery and visuals that literally pull you into the productions. Each year the accolades roll in as the theatre reviews praise the talent and expertise of both the cast and crew. Check it out. Our client is very happy and the stress is gone…until opening night!

And, if you’re looking for some fun nights (or days) out, you’ll be happy we told you about Infinity Theatre Company and their current productions.